Who Are We

The Maria Montessori Preschool and Elementary, Inc. of Saskatoon (MMS) offers all children a safe, respectful, child centered learning environment that encourages them to be authentic, confident and compassionate; to thrive in their unique potential academically, socially and emotionally.

Inspiring Leadership

Where children grow to be tomorrow’s leaders

Since 1997, MMS has provided an engaging prepared environment for all Saskatoon and area children and is the only school in Saskatoon to offer Montessori education from age 2.5 years to Grade 8.

As of September 1st 2016, MMS offers a Montessori education to children ages 2 to Kindergarten at City Park.  And the Saskatoon Public School Division has continued the Montessori program for Grade 1 to Grade 8 at City Park.
MMS is affiliated with the North American Montessori Teachers’ Association (NAMTA) and a member of the International Montessori Council (IMC). The integrity of our programming is upheld by our committed Montessori educators in every classroom to ensure your child receives first-rate Montessori education.

We are an unique high quality Montessori school that offers high academic standards, sound instructional leadership, and a caring, peace oriented approach to discipline.

Here, it is all about the students!

MMS Success Plan

MMS believes in providing a respectful, peaceful and positive environment for everyone MMS believes in creating opportunities for students:
To express themselves authentically and creatively
To discover their personal strengths, skills and talents
To recognize experiences they find meaningful

 Our Pillars

Practical Life
To prepare and equip children for life; includes care of self, care of others and care of environment, as well as how to function effectively in society.  Purpose- to develop concentration, attend to detail, sequential actions, and good work habits
Montessori Directress as Proactive Guide
Create environment for self-learning, model behaviors and focus on guiding each child in their individualized self-learning encouraging them to master each skill and attain their potential.
Parent/Directress/Student Team
Partnership between all three with open communication and trust built over multi-year cycle. The aim of the team is to support the child’s success in learning.
Cosmic Education
Early Childhood (3-6 years old) students absorbed in experiencing their immediate environment
• To help students retain their connection to nature
Work Cycle
The 2+ hour work cycle is an uninterrupted period of time in which the child chooses their own work (within guidelines). Minimum of 2 hour work cycle for 40% of student’s time each week.
Prepared Environment /Montessori Materials
The classroom is prepared in such a way that students are inspired, and able, to learn independently. The Montessori materials are accessible, self-correcting, sensorial, experiential and age appropriate.
Peace Education
Pease education aims to create harmonious and sustainable relationships between individuals, communities, cultures and the environment. Provide daily opportunities for students to develop an understanding of commitment to non-violent ways of reducing or resolving conflict. “Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war.” Maria Montessori
Multi-Age Classrooms
Multi-age classrooms develop and deepen relationships over time which fosters collaboration, co-operation, role modeling, mentoring and allows long term goal development
Saskatchewan Curriculum
The Saskatchewan Curriculum is the foundation of MMS’s academic education and is taught through the Montessori philosophy with the Montessori materials in a prepared environment.  (Blueprint 1.2) MMS acknowledges:
• The SK Curriculum outcomes determine minimum basic skills for children at each level AND that the Montessori philosophy builds, deepens and expands the child’s individual learning allowing children to move beyond the SK Curriculum learning outcomes for each level/grade, if they are ready
• The SK Curriculum for PreK and Kindergarten programming is a play based approach AND that programming at the Casa Level in MMS will be delivered with the Montessori approach to learning, encompassing the skills required through a play based approach, in order to meet provincial standards.

We adopt the Montessori philosophy framework and fully comply with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education’s Goals of Education and Curriculum Policy

Education Curriculum for Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Curriculum