Admissions are on-going throughout the year.  The admissions process is designed to assist you in determining if Maria Montessori School (MMS) is the best fit for your child(ren). Consistency between home and school values is in the best interest of the child.

Welcome to the MMS admissions process.  If you have any questions, please call us for assistance at 306-955-3852.

MMS is a not-for-profit charitable independent preschool and kindergarten with no affiliation to the Saskatoon Public School Division or any of its programs. Acceptance into the MMS Preschool and Kindergarten does not guarantee acceptance to the City Park Elementary program. Please contact SPSD for details on their program and application process.

STEP #1 – Inquiry

Please contact us to begin the inquiry process at

STEP #2 – Tour

Parents are invited tour the school with the Head of School.  Both parents and the child(ren) are encouraged to attend.

STEP #3 – Parent Classroom Observation

Both parents are invited to a classroom observation followed by a debriefing with the Head of School.

STEP #4 – Child Classroom Experience

The child(ren) are invited to a classroom experience. Parents will debrief with Head of School after experience.

STEP #5 – Application

Parents and Head of School meet to discuss ‘best fit’ for child(ren)

**Step #5A – Application

1. Family completes online application.

2. All parties sign ‘Acknowledgement of Commitment’

**Step #5B – Enrollment & Tuition (Stepping Stones, Casa, Kindergarten ONLY)

Once online application is complete:

If space is AVAILABLE:

1. Family completes online enrollment.

2. Pay enrollment and tuition fees. (Stepping Stones, Casa and Kindergarten ONLY)

If space is NOT AVAILABLE:

Family is placed in waiting pool and will be informed regularly of availability.

STEP #6 – Welcome to MMS