Lunch and Recess

Lunch is an important part of the students’ day at MMS – and not just for nutrition. Lunch is supervised by our staff on a rotating schedule.  This facilitates a community atmosphere as the children are able to interact with other staff, other than their own Directress/Educational Assistant.

Students at MMS eat lunch in their own classrooms while maintaining the grace and courtesy lessons they have learned during class time.

There are opportunities to eat outside on certain days through the spring and summer months. After lunch, students engage in physical activity either in our new playground (coming in October!)or in our indoor gymnasium when weather does not permit.

Maria Montessori believed strongly that children had a strong need for physical education.  Her belief was that this enhanced the academic mind. Having the children playing and moving around after completing the morning academic cycle, enhanced their appetites for lunch, thereby replenishing their concentration and energy for the afternoon.