Maria Montessori Preschool has a very involved and active community. We like to think of ourselves as a family. Partnership and open communication create a welcoming community for all.

Maria Montessori Preschool provides a respectful, peaceful and positive environment for everyone. We have an amazing group of directresses and educational assistants that work together to make our school a safe and inviting ‘second home’ for students.

We wish for our families to maintain a vested interest and support the Montessori philosophy and methodology upon which our school is based. The families, as well as the students, must embrace the values and policies that are integral to the success of the program.



MMS prides itself on effective communication between the parents and school. The MMS administrative staff invites your questions or comments. If you have a quick question, the administrative staff is available to speak with you on short notice. If you need more time, please make an appointment in person or via email. Communication between director/ess and parents is essential. Because we are working as a community to create a secure, nurturing environment for the child’s development, we have much to offer one another through frequent and honest communication.

MMS Staff makes every effort to keep parents informed of activities and events taking place at the school. Each month, the Head of School sends out a Newsletter. You will find information about special events to come and that have taken place, classroom highlights, and special and pertinent information. Each classroom has its own notice board outside the door. Families will also receive informational emails. Please remember to check these methods of communication daily and ensure the school has a current email address for your family.

Classroom Observations:

Due to COVID-19 regulations, Maria Montessori Preschool is unable to provide in-class observations at this time.

Parents are welcome, and encouraged, to observe our classrooms. An observation can be arranged in advance with our staff. When you visit the classroom, you will be provided with an observation area where you can sit quietly and observe the classroom at work. In order to view the classroom in its normal routine, we would ask that you not interact with students as this disrupts their concentration and the work cycle. Please understand that the director/ess’s responsibility during school is to the students. When you have finished your observation, please slip quietly out of the classroom. If you have questions, you can set up a meeting with the director/ess via the communication book, which you will find outside the classroom.



MMS hosts events throughout the year that helps to bring the community together. Some events we have hosted are:

  • Family Tea
  • Parent Work Bees
  • Come & Go Coffee

Community Meetings:

We believe in holding monthly community meetings to allow and encourage a free and open exchange of ideas and information. Students and children are welcome to participate in these meetings.

Board Meetings:

The Board of Directors takes into consideration parent and staff feedback and strategic plans when determining policy and considering such things as program growth and facility requirements. The MMS community is invited to attend the first portion of the meeting.