At MMS we have an exceptional educational team with expertise in Montessori education methods and skilled at collaborating with families to meet each child’s individual needs

In the prepared Montessori environment, a child is permitted to choose and work freely with self-correcting materials.  The adult in the classroom is a specially trained Montessori director.  The directress’s role in the classroom is foremost to prepare and maintain the environment for the children, adapting it to their ever-changing needs as required. The classroom directress continually observes the children in their environment so that she/he can best accommodate their needs.  The role of the directress is not that of a traditional teacher.  They are not there to merely teach:

The Directress is the link between the environment and the child


Once a child is introduced to the materials through a one-on-one presentation for each exercise, the child is then free to use their own innate potential to educate themselves using the senses they were born with.  This frees the child to learn in a non-graded, non-competitive environment at their own pace without negative or judgmental pressure. The child learns for the sheer joy of it and not just to please a teacher or for external rewards.

The Maria Montessori Preschool Team

Jennifer McCracken
Jennifer McCracken ~ Head of School