Take a look at these amazing Montessori educated successes. They are on the leading edge of innovation and creativity and a lot of them attribute it to their Montessori education!

Famous Montessorians

Famous Montessori Students:

JOSHUA BELL – Grammy Award-Winning Violinist and subject of a Pulitzer Prize-winning media story

JEFF BEZOS – Amazon Founder

DAVID BLAINE – Illusionist & Magician

BERRY BRAZELTON – Pediatrician, Child Psychiatrist, Author and Harvard Medical School Professor (emeritus)

JULIA CHILD – Chef & Author

GEORGE CLOONEY – Academy Award-Winning Actor, Director, Producer, Humanitarian, United Nations Messenger of Peace

SEAN “P Diddy” COMBS – Grammy Award-Winning Musician, Rap Recording Artist and CEO of Bad Boy Records

JOHN and JOAN CUSACK – Actor and Screenwriter and Academy Award-Nominated Actress (respectively)


PETER DRUCKER – Author, Management Consultant, Social Ecologist, Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

ERIK ERIKSON – Psychologist & Author


ANNE FRANK – Memoirist & Author

HELEN HUNT – Academy Award-Winning Actor

HELEN KELLER – Political Activist, Author, Lecturer, Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, one of Gallup’s most widely admired people of the 20th century

BEYONCE KNOWLES – Singer, Songwriter, Actress, and Fashion Designer, 16-time Grammy Award-Winner

YO YO MA – United Nations Peace Ambassador, Winner of 15 Grammy Awards, Presidential Medal of Freedom & National Medal of the Arts

HM QUEEN NOOR of JORDAN – U.N. Adviser, Humanitarian Activist, Memoirist

JACQUELINE KENNEDY ONASSIS – Former First Lady and Doubleday editor

SERGEY BRIN & LARRY PAGE – Google Founders

DEVI SRIDHAR – Youngest-Ever American Rhodes Scholar, Author, Oxford Research Fellow, Oxford Lecturer on Global Health Politics

TAYLOR SWIFT – Grammy Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter

PRINCE GEORGE OF CAMBRIDGE – Third in line to the British Throne

WILL WRIGHT – Video Game Pioneer, Creator of The Sims

The list could go on and on.