MMS Preschool Volunteer Program

Our program relies on the generous support of our parent volunteers

Benefits of Volunteer Program:

  • Involvement in MMS Community
  • Ability to offer great programs and events
  • Get to know other MMS families
  • Become familiar with entire school (not just your children’s program)
  • ‘More hands make easy work’

Full Time Casa/Kindergarten: Each family is required to complete 8 volunteer hours (8 credits) per year or pay the volunteer fee of $450.   One post-dated cheque from each family is required at time of enrollment – dated May 1st, 2019.

Stepping Stones: Stepping Stones only families are currently not required to earn Volunteer credits. Once a child is in the Casa program (full time or part-time) the family is required to participate in the Volunteer Program.

Volunteer Program: This is a per family program, not per child – families with multiple children in Casa and/or Kindergarten programs are only required to complete volunteer hours of one child (in full time program or part-time if all children are in part-time program)

Volunteer Credits: Volunteer credits will be totalled in June 2019 and applied to family accounts.  Post-dated cheques will be returned to families with full credits completed.

Invoices will be given to families with incomplete credit hours. Once paid, post-dated cheques will be returned.

Sign-up sheets will be at each event/meeting to track family credits.

Volunteer Opportunities:


  • Volunteer Program Coordinator                                   8 credits
  • (track volunteer program, signup sheets)
  • Coordinate the monthly Community Meetings          8 credits
  • (announcements, take minutes, set up room)    
  • Lead a Community Meeting                                           1 credit (in addition to attending)
  • Website Parent Portal Coordinator                              5 credits
  • Lead a Committee                                                             2 additional credits
  • Events:
  • Attend a Community Meeting                                       1 credit per meeting
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting                            1 credit
  • Worker Bees: last Friday of each month                     1 credit per hour
  • Volunteer at school event                                               1 credit per hour credit
  • Donate food for school event                                         1 credit
  • Other opportunities as they arise                                  per hour credit

How to get involved?

The extent to which you are involved is up to you, but we do encourage your interest and assistance.

Volunteer activities enrich and complement the Montessori experience with family and community support, if you know someone in the community who may be able to contribute to the program, please advice the classroom Directress.

Please call or email us with the area you are interested in participating in and we will guide you through the process.  Our school relies on the generous support of our parent volunteers.

Contact Us

For more information on this program or to sign up to lead a committee please email us at mms.admin@montessorisaskatoon.ca