A new school year has begun, and it is wonderful to see the classrooms filled with fresh eager faces ready to explore and learn!

Please take a look at our fact sheet on our 2016-2017 Volunteer Program which gives general information about the program and ideas for ways you can get involved. We thank you for making this commitment to our children!

We will be discussing this program and the formation on our committees at our first Community Meeting on October 3rd at 3:45 pm.  Please join us then!

Community Meetings 2016/17     3:45 pm

September                                 –

October                                     3

November                                 20 (+AGM @ 7 pm)

December                                  1

January                                      9

February                                   1

March                                        6

April                                          3 (7 pm)

May                                           1

June                                           –